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Diary - July 2008
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July 2008

Flower essences :- Back –    calendula

Front :–      all-heal                            dyers greenweed

Flower essences left to right :- goats rue, Himalayan balsam, bergamot, borage

Sandra and Katy making St John's Wort sun infused oil

Mike and Melanie make goats rue tincture to help with sugar cravings

Sally demonstrates how to make a tincture

The skullcap harvest

Double infused yarrow oil

Despite the wet summer, July 12 was dry enough for everyone to enjoy the profusion of herbal flowers and make their own flower essences. Gillian chose Goats rue, Melanie, Himalayan Balsam, Sandra Bergamot, Katy borage, Mike All-heal, Sally Dyers Greenweed and Louisa Calendula.

Although we had a brief shower of rain, there was plenty of time for people to wander around the sanctuary and discover herbs they had not met before. Katy picked a basketful of St John’s Wort flowers, pouring them carefully into a glass jar before filling it with sunflower oil to take home with her. She also took part in a herbal flower hunt, having to find calendula, apothecaries rose, burdock, plantain and meadowsweet, discover what the leaves felt like and draw a picture of the plant.

Sally demonstrated how to make a tincture and then several people made either a tincture or vinegar with the herb of their choice.

While everyone else was busy, I picked a basket of young nettles and put them to dry in the summerhouse.

The following day I picked agrimony, skullcap, motherwort, fennel, goats rue, bergamot, mint, rose petals, borage, thyme, betony, white horehound, greater and ribwort plantain and SJW. The latter were put into more oil and I left the horehound, chamomile, mint thyme, half the skullcap, rose petals and nettle seeds to dry. I took the rest of the herbs home to make tincture, vinegar or syrup.

As I journeyed from Gloucestershire to Warwickshire I wild crafted some yarrow and meadowsweet from quiet roadsides.

It was very busy in my kitchen that evening and for the next few evenings after work as I made a double infused plantain oil, yarrow oil, some meadowsweet and fennel syrup, put up tinctures of motherwort, nettle seed, agrimony, betony and skullcap. Other quantities of motherwort and borage were made up into vinegars.


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