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Diary - August 2008
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August 2008

One of our exercises!

A basketful of colour!

August was another busy month made more difficult by the constant rain. It was almost impossible to pick herbs to dry. Even on rainless days, the herbs were damp and most of my calendula flowers went mouldy when I put them to dry.

I started experimenting with syrups, making a general warming/anti-inflammatory, soothing syrup for my father with plantain, marshmallow leaf, flowers and stalk, root ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and rosehips. I made another, soothing syrup for an eight-year old with chamomile and lemon balm.

The August workshop was held at the end of the month during a beautiful warm day. There was plenty of lemon balm so we made a double-infused oil and everyone picked their favourite flower for a flower essence. Margaret, Elsie and Claire chose Himalayan Balsam, Pat chose red clover, Daisy was drawn to the flowers most like her name – chamomile and feverfew while Katrina chose marshmallow.

We sampled mint and bergamots teas, while Margaret learned how to sieve dried nettle seed and Pat picked hawthorn berries newly ripe on the trees. Daisy made a St John’s wort sunflower oil infusion to take home and Claire and Katrina picked all the purple wild bergamot flowers and made an infused honey.

When everyone had left, I picked more nettle seed to dry and made a double infused comfrey oil.

The following morning I just had enough time to pick agrimony, calendula, plantain, angelica leaf and root, St John’s wort flowers, Echinacea, haws, red clover and Ladies mantle before it started raining heavily again.. It was very satisfying to put up the first jars of hawthorn brandy ready for the winter.
Margaret, Pat and Elsie preparing their flower remedies Marshmallow, feverfew and chamomile flowers infusing in spring water Daisy making St John’s Wort oil Claire with wild bergamot flowers for honey making bergamot honey preparing bergamot tea
purple sage harvest calendula harvest Sarah harvesting meadowsweet from beside the pond making tansy double infused oil    

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